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What Can I Do to Help BAF

What Can I Do to Help BAF?

Foreign pests and diseases pose a huge danger to Fiji’s plants, animals and environment. Fiji is free of most dangerous pests and diseases and the Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) wants to keep it that way.

Members of the public can make an important contribution to the work BAF does. That is, keeping the country free of unwanted organisms, preventing or reducing any damage these may cause should they occur, and protecting and preserving the land, water, industry and people of Fiji.

Keeping a Watch at Home

If you think you have found a pest, plant disease or animal disease that should not be in Fiji, report it by calling (679) 3312512 or e-mail: info@baf.com.fj or simply fill in the feedback form by clicking here.

Protecting our Borders

Make sure you comply with rules and regulations outlined below that have been put in place by BAF to help protect Fiji.

Travelling to Fiji – Preventing pests and diseases from entering Fiji is crucial. You must declare all restricted or quarantine risk goods when entering Fiji so that these items can be inspected. Please click here to know more about quarantine risk goods that need to be declared.

Bringing Pets into Fiji– BAF requests the general public to be aware of the requirements and restrictions for sending or bringing things into Fiji. Please click on the highlighted links to know in detail the process of bringing in your dogs, cats and other pets.

Yachts and Vessels– BAF would like yacht owners to be aware of the requirements and restrictions when entering Fiji to prevent spread of pests and diseases. Please click here for more information on yachts.

Protection Within Fiji

BAF also undertakes targeted post-border measures (that is within Fiji), which includes coordinating emergency responses to pest and disease incursions, monitoring and surveillances of these pests and diseases and creating education and awareness.

Please click here to know more about domestic quarantine.

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