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Biological Products

Import of Animal Biological products

Biological products are imported or bring in to the Fiji especially for research work and related studies at research laboratories, Universities and other research related institutes. Biosecurity Authority of Fiji has implemented strict controls measures to make sure any risks associated with biological products bring in to the Fiji Islands. Therefore biological products from animals including samples, must meet strict biosecurity requirements to be imported into Fiji Islands. Applications to import biological products are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Application for Biological Product

Non-viable or dead biological products including samples from animal origin or microbial derived material can be imported.

Most of such products include,

  • laboratory reagents including proteins, antigens, and sera
  • preserved animal specimens
  • non-viable dairy, meat, and skin samples
  • commercially manufactured and packaged products such as enzyme, hormone
  • Veterinary medicines and supplements.

Before applying for import biological products, the importer must,

  • know the import animal health standard of Fiji Islands
  • apply for a permit at least 6 weeks before shipping of the product
  • identify the risk status of your biological products
  • need to declare the use of the product, how you storing and disposed of
  • need to provide authorized certificates from relevant authorities.
  • know about the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
  • meet all of the post-arrival quarantine needs
  • know about relevant fees and charges
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