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Biosecurity Divisions & Sections

BAF has the following Departments

Executive Office
Is responsible for facilitating liaison between stakeholders and BAF management and also maintain the corporate image of BAF while ensuring timely service delivery.

Biosecurity Operations is the largest Section of BAF and the major section too. It mainly covers Border and Post Border Work. The Operations work involves facilitation of safe trade through risk analysis, inspection of regulated items, clearance of conveyances, supervision of biosecurity treatments, inspection and certification of exports in line with importing countries requirements and surveillance & monitoring of regulated pests and disease.

The Plants section effectively coordinates the functions of standard setting, scientific consultations, import risk analysis (desktop and overseas), pest and disease diagnostics and scientific advice. It also provides technical advice and support on Biosecurity threats, risks, policies standard and compliances.

The Animal section is responsible for all animal and animal product import and export, monitoring and surveillance of exotic and endemic diseases and certification and scientific application of veterinary issues in regards to Biosecurity.

Trade Facilitation and Compliance
The Trade Facilitation and Compliance section is primarily responsible for ensuring safe trade to and from Fiji. This includes market access negotiation and Biosecurity Approved Premises (BAP), inspections and renewal.

The Finance section manages all the financial aspects of BAF. The business functions of the finance department include planning, organizing, auditing, accounting for and controlling BAF’s finances. The finance department also produces BAF’s financial statements.

The Legal section provides legal advice on Biosecurity Act 2008, BAF Regulations and assists and advices on Biosecurity Operational legal issues. The section also represents BAF in legal proceedings and provides training on Biosecurity Act 2008.

Is responsible for the efficient and effective management of the organization’s assets, inventories, administrative function, procurement needs, maintenance of BAF assets, tender process and is also responsible for Board of Survey.

Human Resources
Is committed to providing high quality, efficient human resource service that supports BAF in attracting, retaining and nurturing staff of highest caliber. The Section focuses on appointments, promotions and administration of personnel matters.

Information Communication & Technology and Geographical Information System
The Information Technology Department is responsible for the governance of BAF’s information systems and the strategic use of information, communication and network technology.

The GIS Unit is responsible for capturing, storing, manipulating, managing and mapping BAF’s operational activities and analyzing of the captured data collected from GIS.

Global Environment Facility Project (GEF-6)
The Fiji Invasive Alien Species Project is funded by the GEF-6 for the eradication of the Giant Invasive Iguana (GII).

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