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The Technical Facilitation component is being handled by the Export Section while the Market Access component is being handled by the Monitoring and Surveillance Section that is present in all the BAF stations around the country.


  1. Ensuring that all export systems employed in the current Export Pathways are maintained and improved including Animal and animal products and plant and plant products
  1. New Export pathways are developed and adopted (e.g. Ginger to Australia, Wi Fruit and Bele leaves to NZ).
  2. Market access negotiations and retention of such markets are supported by the confirmation of pest free status through the regulated pest surveillance programs (e.g. Papaya, Breadfruit and Eggplant to the USA and maintaining of NZ and Australian)
  3. Areas free from established pests are confirmed through the monitoring of domestic movement of regulated items.(e.g. Taveuni, Koro, Kadavu are free from Taro Beetle)


Export related and Market Access support activities. This will include facilitation of current export commodities including forest products, animal and animal products, general cargo and regulated articles. It will also monitor the implementation of new commodity pathways, confirming pest status through surveillance activities and verifying the occurrence of established pest through the monitoring of domestic movement

Team Leader CEN visit Exporter

Team Leader CEN visit Exporter


  • Continue facilitation of existing export commodities in the Central Eastern Division, Western Division, Northern Division and Rotuma.
  • Continue monitoring of current commodity pathways – Eggplant, Breadfruit, Mango, Papaya.
  • Training, awareness and implementation of the new Ginger to Australia pathway with:
  • Ginger growers in ginger growing areas such as Central Eastern, Ra, Vanua Levu, Kadavu.
  • Interested Exporters in CEN and West.
  • Treatment providers in CEN and West.
  • Facilitate export treatment through the adoption of AFAS standards
  • Audit of Treatment providers to maintain international standards
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