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What you need to know

To make sure your arrival into Fiji goes smoothly, you’ll need to keep the following in mind:

  • Carefully read, fill and sign the passenger arrival card (Download Arrival Card)
  • avoid bringing any prohibited items
  • declare all food, plants, animals, plant products, animal products, live animals or organisms and marine or fresh water products in your possession
  • declare all used equipment like camping, farming, hunting, sporting, gardening and other types of recreational gear
  • declare if you have endangered species in your possession
  • there are heavy fines and penalties for failing to declare regulated items

What to declare

On your way to Fiji (either on board an aircraft or sea vessel), you will be handed a passenger arrival card that you will need to fill and sign before you can enter the country. The passenger arrival card is a legal document. If you make a false, misleading or incorrect declaration, you are breaking the law and liable for fines, penalties (including imprisonment) or both. For biosecurity purposes, you need to declare:

Note: If you are unsure about any items you want to bring into Fiji or require more information please email: info@baf.com.fj or call your  nearest Biosecurity Office.

Import Requirements

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