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Genetic Materials


There are strict requirements in place for importing animal semen and embryos (germplasm) into Fiji.

To reduce biosecurity risks associated with importing animal semen and embryos, the importer must be aware of the following:

  • The required health standards in Fiji to import animal semen and embryos
  • The requirements of the BAF import permit and the need to apply for this well before importing the consignment so that necessary certifications can be arranged
  • Embryos (germplasm) can only be imported from approved/selected countries and animal species
  • Veterinary certification will be required
  • Certain test(s) and treatment(s) may be required
  • There are fees and charges applicable to obtain a BAF import permit and also for inspection of the consignment once it arrives at the Fijian port of first entry

Furthermore, supporting documents and other necessary information would have to be provided whenever requested by BAF.

Note: the veterinary certificates must be completed and signed off by a representative of competent authority in the country of origin.

Application to Import Animal Semen and Embryos:

If the application for a BAF import permit is approved and the import permit is issued, then semen/embryos can be imported to Fiji provided all requirements stipulated in the permit are met. The semen/embryo consignment will be inspected once it arrives at the border. All the original documents should be surrendered to the Biosecurity Officers upon arrival for biosecurity inspection and clearance. Originals of the following documents must be produced to the BAF officers:

  • The original import permit issued by BAF
  • Veterinary certificate endorsed by a registered/official veterinarian from the exporting country, with their original stamp, signature and date on every page
  • Laboratory tests or original laboratory reports for the semen/embryos, completed according to the requirements in the veterinary certificate

If conditions stated in the BAF import permit are not met or if there are other non-compliances upon arrival, the semen/embryos will be detained and either reshipped or destroyed at the importers cost.

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