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Post Border

Post Border

This involves field assessment of new pests/disease outbreak, supermarket/warehouse surveillance, auditing of Biosecurity approved premises and treatment facilities, testing, sampling and carrying out diagnostic activities.

Management of termite eradication programme is on-going however complete eradication is not possible

The state of termite infestation is minimum, and currently operations are on going in monitoring and containing the infestation in Lautoka and Labasa.

Post Border Operation

  • Monitoring the movement of plants, planting materials, animals and products to pest free areas.
  • Monitoring and Surveillance of Supermarkets, Warehouses, Nurseries, Food Processing Industries & other factories.
  • Supervision of treatment of non-compliance (Fumigation, confiscation, steam-cleaning, chemical spraying, high-pressure washing, dipping).
  • Regular consultation with stakeholders to update developments on Biosecurity issues.
  • Monitoring and Surveillance of passengers, vessels, imports and yachts at undeclared port of entries.
  • Manage and control of termite with the use of pesticides for baiting and dusting.
  • Control and eradicate American Iguana through the Bounty strategy.
  • Escort of high risk items to Post Entry facilities


  • Inspection of cargo at Freight stations and approved Biosecurity facilities.
  • Monitor activities at Post Entry Biosecurity Station.
  • Monitoring and Surveillance on any declared Biosecurity areas.
  • Monitoring and Surveillance on Declared Termite/American Iguana infested areas

Our benefits

  • Early detection of pests and diseases.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability.
  • Improve/maintain export market access.
  • Improving living standards.
  • Containment and control of termites.
  • Eradication of American Iguana

Our Location of Operation

  • Monitoring and surveillance on
  • Approved nurseries /Biosecurity farms, resorts/hotels/ supermarkets, and jetties.
  • Freight stations and approved Biosecurity facilities.
  • Post Entry Biosecurity Station.;
  • Any declared Biosecurity areas;
  • Area under termite/American Iguana eradication programme.
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