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Animals and Animal Products

Animals and Animal Products

Personal Consumption – Animal Products
The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) is allowing people to bring into Fiji certain animal products only from Australia and New Zealand for personal consumption purposes. The list below identifies two classes of animal products; one that can be brought into Fiji without import permit while the other requires an import permit.

Please note that to bring all products listed below you would need to have receipt(s) from the Supermarket/Butcher/other Retail Outlets the product (s) has been purchased from.

The imported animal products also must come from State or Federal Government registered slaughterhouse, processing plant, manufacturing factory. Animal products brought from unregistered premises will not be allowed into Fiji.
Also note that poultry product of Australian origin is presently not allowed entry into Fiji.

For more information please email info@baf.com.fj


Please note for the product listed below you are only allowed to bring less than 10kg per product into Fiji. To bring more than 10kg of any of these permissible products will require an Import Permit from BAF.
*Honey imports are prohibited due to the threat of bacterial and parasitic diseases of bees, which are present in many honey exporting countries.

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